Three Sure Signs of a Great Mentor

Mentorship is so crucial to career success that we pair all our new hires with experienced team members. This focused attention ensures that everyone on Team Simply Sales & Solutions receives the feedback and support needed to succeed with us.

Of course, not all people receive coaches as workplace perks. Many must find their own mentors, and it’s a challenging process. It begins by observing reputed individuals and patiently building relationships with them. Eventually, you may find yourself in a place to ask for guidance.

There are several qualities to look for as you identify a potential mentor. For instance, it’s important to find someone who is a respected industry leader. He or she should be admired for honesty, fairness, perseverance, and ethical behavior in general.

Generosity is a Simply Sales & Solutions core value, and it’s an essential trait to look for in a mentor. Your coach must actually want to impart knowledge, teach skills, offer advice, and share contacts. The willingness to listen attentively is also a must-have.

A positive attitude is another key trait of a top-tier mentor. An upbeat mind-set is contagious, so you can expect to feel energized whenever you speak with your coach. You’ll feel more focused and productive, and better able to overcome big challenges. Of course, you’ll always have a source of encouragement in an optimistic mentor as well.

Look for these traits as you connect with a promising mentor. Also check out our Simply Sales & Solutions Newswire for more details on our approach to success.