Hands-On Coaching Helps New Team Members Succeed

The Simply Sales & Solutions approach to finding and developing talent is what our success is built on. Starting with the interview, we look for people who will fit in well with our team and who share the values that make our firm great. This way, our new hires will feel comfortable in our office culture right away.

Then, we introduce novice associates to our Simply Sales & Solutions training system, which relies on workshops, seminars, and (most importantly) one-to-one coaching to ensure everyone on our team has access to all the skills and knowledge they need to thrive as professionals.

We’re hands-on when it comes to learning, immersing novice team members into ongoing projects so they get a chance to see what our outreach campaigns look like from start to finish. New hires get involved with the creative process as it unfolds and contribute real-time solutions when challenges arise.

We also rotate people through different departments, giving them a big-picture perspective of the way our company works while they learn from different team leaders and managers. Since everyone here started in an entry-level position, we all know just what it takes to move from day one to leadership, and we’re eager to help others do what we’ve done.

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