Giving Back Is More Than Just the Right Thing to Do

Philanthropy is a key element of the Simply Sales & Solutions culture. Not only is giving back the right thing to do, but we find that there are benefits which make it a smart business move as well.

For example, when we sponsor or get involved with a fundraising event, we meet other people in our area who also have a passion for change. These connections often lead to future business prospects, and make great additions to our networks.

We also find that team spirit goes up in the Simply Sales & Solutions office every time we give back together. Getting away from the workplace for a good cause gives us a chance to get to know one another on a more personal level, and learn what causes we’re each passionate about.

When we partner with a charity, we usually end up putting different skill sets to use, so philanthropy can be a great chance to learn new things as well. Whether we’re getting in better shape to run a 10K or helping put up houses with Habitat for Humanity, giving back increases our knowledge base and self-confidence.

All of this is just icing on the cake though: the most important reason for community involvement is because it’s the right thing to do. Check out our Simply Sales and Solutions Newswire feed to see what cause we support next.