Get Your New Hires Up to Speed Fast

Right from the start, we want our newest team members to find career success in our Simply Sales & Solutions office. We’ve cultivated a dynamic onboarding process that engages them. We get them interested in learning more about our business. Our training provides them with the skills needed to become confident professionals in the customer acquisition industry. Here are some tips that can help motivate new associates to want to excel:

Learning About the Business: To achieve results in any company, associates need to learn about the firm’s history, how it began, and how it’s positioned against the competition. There are many ways to accomplish this as we’ve noted in our Simply Sales & Solutions training program. Some of the most unique methods are to make it fun. Games like company Jeopardy! or a scavenger hunt can add some friendly competition as new hires learn the ropes.

How to Succeed: We’ve found through our Simply Sales & Solutions coaching program that people who have someone there to guide them during their earliest days tend to thrive. This is because seasoned managers willingly share their knowledge of what it takes to excel.

Understanding the Company Vision: Many studies have shown that people who know the purpose of their work are more likely to achieve higher results. Therefore, inviting top executives to meet new hires and communicate the company’s overall vision and the role these people will play can be motivating.

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