Celebrating the Holiday Season With Our Work Family

The end-of-year holiday season is past, and Team Simply Sales & Solutions had a blast! With all that we’ve accomplished together in 2019, we’ve become very close, so our celebrations were more like family gatherings than office parties.

Creating a culture of camaraderie like ours isn’t hard, but it does take focused effort. We’ve made the Simply Sales & Solutions office atmosphere a priority because we know that when people feel engaged with their work and connected to their peers, it’s easier for them to commit 100 percent effort to the completion of their goals.

Team nights are one of our best tools for bringing teammates together. We frequently go out for bowling or pizza, cutting (a bit) loose after a productive week of work, and getting to know one another on a more personal level than we could during our busy days at the office.

We also appreciate our travel program for the chances it gives us to bond. Not only do we get to share memories of interesting cities or tropical resorts, but the time spent travelling back and forth to our destinations is when we learn things about one another that make us lifelong friends.

Are you looking for a team you can fully commit to in 2020? If so, then we have good news: our growth has opened up a few key roles in our firm. Follow Simply Sales & Solutions on LinkedIn for more info.